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Little Jack Metal Adict Zero with BKK double assist hooks - 40g

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The most sardine jig that promises a bite

Metal Adict type ZERO, a model that puts even more attention to modeling and silhouette into the Metal Addict series, which is characterized by elaborate molding, real form, and finish, is now available.

The most resembling the sardine closely

Metal Adict type ZERO, a model with a more detailed modeling and silhouette, has been added to the Metal Adict series, which is characterized by its elaborate modeling, realistic form, and finish.


A non-rotating "flat blade" that generates flushing and live water flow is adopted as standard.
A flat blade that does not use a rolling swivel flushes with water flow and action without rotating. It also provides sharp pulling resistance. Flat blades, which do not rotate to generate flushing and live water flow, are standard

Center balance design that swims briskly with sharp pulling resistance! The thickness and form of a realistic bait are injected with center balance center of gravity, horizontal fall, and action that supports fast retrieve. You can also use it for blade jigging.

Center-balanced design for sharp swimming with sharp pull resistance!

Excellent appealing effect with the popular Keimura paint.

* Keimura Color
#5 Green Gold Sardine UV (#05 GREEN GOLD SARDINE UV)
#6 UV Ocean (#06 UV -KEIMURA- OCEAN)

The double assist hook is made by BKK. Uses BKK hooks that are strong and reliable. It also supports bites to blades and chase bites.

Double assist hooks are made by BKK Uses BKK hooks, which are reliable for their sting and strength. It can respond to bites on blades and chasing bites.