Megabass X-80SW LBO Shallow Minnow Saltwater Lure

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Equipped with a new center-of-gravity movement system “LBO II” for the classic “Hachimaru” that has been producing overwhelming fishing results for a long time. It is a new technology that arranges ball bearings in an infinite loop on the internal weight and moves linearly inside the body.

By installing it in Hachimaru's compact body, the center of gravity instantly moves to the tail when casting, creating a flight distance and accuracy performance that surpasses conventional Hachimaru. The ultra-low resistance weight with built-in ball bearings is instantly guided and fixed in the front neodymium magnetic field after the start of retrieve, boasting an overwhelming goodness of swimming.

Experience the fusion of proven swimming pedigree and performance innovation in the field.



・By installing the LBO system, the longest flying distance is increased by 20% (compared to our company).

・Inertial impact created by ultra-low resistance weight

・A threatening action response that instantly swims


・The ball bearing contacts the inner wall of the lane, causing the weight to move instantaneously.

・Boasts the world's highest level of durability that can withstand over 100 million casts

82 mm 12 g Sinking

Depth: Max 1.3m

Hook: #6 x 2pcs