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Ripple Fisher Avarice 103M Nano Shore Game Fishing Rod

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The Black-fin seabass game is conducted under harsh environmental conditions with strong head winds, heavy swells, complicated currents and uneven footing. The anglers have little advantage in these unforgiving conditions and the only way to overcome these factors are experience and the ability to analyze and make an efficient/good judgment in a given situation.

We have added the sharpness by employing the Nano blank while fine tuning the standard capabilities as a black-fin seabass rod.
Anglers will cut through the strong head winds and sew through the complicated currents. The highly sensitive blank will allow anglers to notice the subtle changes in current and flow to inform you of bite spots.
After long testing in the field, we are finally ready to release in 2020 the new standard blackfin rod, the 110M Nano. Based on the blackfin seabass games foundation to “skillfully handle”, we have re-engineered the pattern and with the introduction of new material, Ripplefisher is proud to release the model fused with a sharp and light feeling.

Here are the bending curves of the Avarice series designed for blackfin seabass, loaded with a static weight of 2kg. As a reference, we have also included the MonsterImpact 101HH. The 110M to be released in 2020 is the long length power up version of the 103M. If you consider the 106MH and the 110H as having sharp casting for pinpoint shooting and being power models, you can say that the 110M is more flexible yet possessing the sharpness. The 103M is the most flexible and bendy of the series ideal for fishing around flat rocks. The 106MH is your standard blackfin model, with an extremely strong butt. The 110H is a model for use in tough field conditions and is easily able to surface blue runners in the 5kg class. When comparing the 110H and the MonsterImpact 101HH, the butt power of the 110H is evidently stronger but the tip section is delicate for use with smaller minnows.

Avarice Bending Curve

The long awaited short length M class model is ready! This 103 length is light, easy to handle and is efficient when fishing from low rock formations or bolder rocks for the black-fin seabass or the normal seabass off the rocks and fishing from the surf for flounders. Although it is short in length, the blank will bend nicely to withhold the fish. This is a new generation of Black-fin seabass rod with the combined properties of long casting, butt power and the newly added element of light/easy handling.

Length Weight Section Lure Line Action Specification
10ft 3in (Closed Length:1600mm) 198g 2pcs/Spigot Ferrule MAX 40g MAX PE 1.5 Regular SiC-S Titanium frame K Guide (Fuji) / NANOALLOY technology blank


Suitable reel size  S:4000~5000 / D:LT5000C~6000
Grip length / 584mm(Grip full length)・425mm(From grip end to reel foot)
Dia of tip / 2.1mm(Just below top guide)・Dia of butt / 14.9mm (Butt diameter measured 620mm from the bottom of butt section)
Reel seat / DPS18(Fuji)Down Lock
Grip end / Hardness EVA is loaded on bottom of grip