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Ripple Fisher Avarice 110M Nano Shore Game Fishing Rod

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"Avaris" is a series created by Ripple Fisher as a rod exclusively for blackfin seabass. While sharpening the standard performance as a blackfin seabass rod, we pursued a sharp sharpness with the Nano blank. Shoot through headwinds and sew the tide. The high-sensitivity blank gives the angler a notice of the bite spot of the blackfin seabass.
In 2020, after a long period of testing, the 110M Nano, which has been elaborated as a new standard, will be introduced. The performance of "Inashi", which is the basis of the Blackfin Seabass game, has been reconstructed with the latest materials and designs, and it has become a model of Ripple whole body that is fused with a lightweight and sharp usability.

The Avaris series of rods for the Blackfin Seabass model uses Nano Alloy® technology. The blank has good swinging ability, the speed of convergence of blurring, and the characteristic of absorbing impact by bending momentarily against a load. Fighting with the big guys in the game will also give anglers an advantage.
All models are inro joint specifications and the guide is a SiC-S titanium frame guide specification.

Avarice 110M Nano is a model that pursued the basic performance required for rods in the blackfin seabass game and rebuilt with the design ability of the current Ripple.
While emphasizing high-sensitivity performance, the flexible and delicate tip does not miss the short bite peculiar to blackfin seabass, and the deep bends can reduce the looseness due to stretching when using the thin shaft hook and develop the "Inasu" fight.
The blank that combines suppleness and sharpness realizes a sharp cast feel, and the lure size can be cast from minnows around 10 cm to 40 g class without stress.
In addition to the monster-class blackfin seabass, it also has the butt power to handle 5 kg class blue fish, red sea bream, etc., making it a suitable new standard.

Length Weight Section Lure Line Action Specification
11 ft (closed size: 1726mm) 213 g 2 pcs / Inro Tsugu MAX 40 g MAX PE 2 Regular 

SiC-S titanium frame K guide specification (Fuji) / nanoalloy ® technology adopted blank


Applicable reel guideline S ・ D: 4000 ~ 5000 / D: LT5000C ~ 6000
Grip length / A: 597mm (total grip length) ・ B: 425mm (from grip end to reel foot)
Blank tip diameter / 2.0mm (directly below top guide)・ Blank original diameter / 15.8mm (Original diameter is the outer diameter of the fishing rod body 635mm from the rod bottom)
Reel seat / DPS18 (Fuji) Down lock
Grip end / EVA specification