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Ripple Fisher Ocean Arrow 6615 Jigging for Monster Spinning Model Fishing Rod

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As of 2021, the OceanArrow series will be restarted as jigging models to target large species around the world.
For jigging, it is not only vital for anglers to have the technique to induce bites but also be able to fight and efficiently surface the large predatory fish. The new OceanArrow series possess outstanding power and strength to go head-to-head with supersize fish around the world yet easing the load on the angler while fighting the fish.

The new models of 6615 is designed to target Bluefin tuna, marlins and super-size groupers around the world. The butt length has been extended for anglers to be able to easily lift the fish and the strong yet tenacious blank will withstand the brunt of the monstrous fish.
With the ever changing environment and the evolution of tackle, we hope you can take hold of the big game jigging with our new OceanArrow series.

2021 New Model OceanArrow Bending Curve

2021 New Model OceanArrow Load 3kg,8kg

The new OceanArrow 6615 and 5930 models were designed with the focus on easing the fight against the heavy and continuous load of Tuna type species. Anglers will be able to endure the heavy load by high sticking the rod and continuously and efficiently pumping and lifting the fish.If you look at the bending curve, the 5930 seems to bend in more but this is due to the fact that the whole blank bends for one piece rods and that the 6615 is a grip jointed rod and the butt section has remained. As for power standards, the 5930 is superior.
The picture demonstrates the bending curve with a heavier load and you can see that the bending curve of the 6615 has become more acute. The 5930 is more suited for larger fish and will efficiently and easily lift the fish.
Here is a comparison of the OceanArrow series with a static weight of 8kg at an angle of 70°. The OceanArrow series are able to withstand a heavier load than the Selfish series.

Ocean Arrow Bend

Ocean Arrow Chart

Ocean Arrow 6615 is a two piece grip jointed spinning model designed to jig for large Tuna. Similar to the 5930, it is designed so anglers can high-stick the rod and the longer rod length is set to avoid the line from scraping the hull of the boat resulting in a break-off. Although it is a PE6 class high powered jigging rod, the light feel of the rod will allow anglers to utilize various jerking patterns to induce that bite. The 6615 is a rod that will be useful in various locations around the world and for various species with power to control the thrashing fish, tenacity to continue to apply pressure on the fish and highly well balanced to maneuver the jigs.

*6615 is set with a gimble butt end with removable rubber end cap for an easier fight against the tough and heavy monsters at the other end of the line.

Target Tuna, Marlin, Grouper
Field Shallow area ~ Deep area
Specification SiC Ocean Guide(Fuji)


Length Weight Section Lure Line Action
6ft 6in (Closed Length:1295mm) 362g 2pcs / Grip-Joint JIG MAX 400g MAX PE 6 Regular


◎Suitable reel size S・D:10000~14000
Grip length / 798mm(Gimbai+7mm(805mm))・520mm(Gimbai+7mm(527mm))(From grip end to reel foot)
Dia of tip / 3.2mm(Just below top guide)・Dia of butt / 12.0mm (Butt diameter measured 885mm from the bottom of tip section)
Reel seat / DPS20 (Fuji) down lock
grip end / aluminum gimbal specification