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Ripple Fisher Ocean Ridge Big Tuna 85F Japan Special Offshore Rod

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In Japan, we have a variety of species of Tuna, including the bluefin tuna, yellowfin tuna, dogtooth etc. Each species inhabit different seas with different current conditions, water temperature, baits and sizes. Furthermore, the size of these species tend to be growing and with the evolution of our fishing tackle and the improvement of the anglers capabilities, super large size (200kg class) tuna have started being caught. In order to adapt to the ever changing conditions and situations, we have started the reconstruction of the BIG-TUNA series.

The pin-thread color will be changed according to power category (as of 2020 shipment). The light class 85F will have silver, the middle class 83 will have blue, the heavy class 85 and 710 will have red and the power class 73 and 76 will have champagne gold color pin threads.

In addition, the name of the models will be imprinted in the butt spacer for easier identification for those anglers who take numerous models on a boat.

Big Tuna Bending Curve - Big Tuna-Aquila Comparsion

・Static load comparison of BIG TUNA 85F & BIG TUNA 83 (6kg load)
Although, BIG TUNA 83 that have been set as middle class is recommended for PE8, if you are in situation that you have to cast light and small lure when your target is feeding on small sardines PE6 will be recommended to get more distance. A still weight of 6kg is loaded onto 85F and 83 supposing that you fish with PE6. Both models have moderate flexibility on belly section so even though those got length, you can maintain your position while fighting easily.

・Static load comparison of BIG TUNA 85 & BIG TUNA 710 (10kg load)
These two models are the core of the series capable of use with various size lures for different bait sizes. The 85 is an extended model of the 710 with a sharper tip section when casting. Although the long length blank may feel stiffer, the butt section of the 710 is predominantly stronger.

・Static load comparison of BIG TUNA 76 and BIG TUNA 73 (10kg load)
These models will assist anglers for situations where large lures are required due to the targets feeding on large baits such as dolphin fish. At a 45°angle, both the 73 and 76 can be seen to have the same power. However, once the rod is lifted even higher, the 76 will start bending closer to the body, reducing the load on the angler. The 73 has a sharp casting feel while able to fight the fish speedily.

Big Tuna Bending Curve

In some areas, the size of what was once said to be large size fish has grown from 100kg to 200kg and the 200kg to 300kg, requiring added models catered for these larger fish.
With the ever changing size of tuna and fishing conditions, it has become difficult to chose the most suited rod. So as of 2020 models, we have set the power category as follows in order for a more comprehensive understanding. The 85, 710, 73, 76 are all in the same line max category however the 73 and 76 have been designed with a higher breakage point suited for targeting 200kg class fish which are in a different power category from the 85 and 710.

Big Tuna Chart

Big Tuna 85F Japan Special will allow anglers to cast out small lures with great distance with the use of lines between PE3~6 and lures ranging from 18g ~ 120g. It is a tenacious and bendy rod so it is less likely for anglers to break the rod when high sticking. Use of general light tuna rods result in a long and grueling fight as angles are worried about rod breakage or line breakages, however, this 85F is not a light tackle rod. It is a new generation of tuna rods which exceed the line and knot breakage specifications. Although it possesses the power to overcome Tuna exceeding 50kg, this tolerant rod will also be ideal for casting for targets such as Yellow-tails and Kingfish in your local waters.

Target Tuna~50kg, Kingfish
Specification SiC-S Ocean Guide + Titanium frame K Guide(Fuji)


 Length Weight Section Lure Line Action
8ft 5in (Closed Length:1880mm) 370g 2pcs / Grip-Joint
PE 3~6 Regular


Suitable reel size  S・D:8000~14000 / D:4500~6500
Grip length / 798mm(Grip full length)・520mm(From grip end to reel foot)
Dia of tip / 2.5mm(Just below top guide)・Dia of butt / 14.3mm (Butt diameter measured 867mm from the bottom of tip section)
Reel seat / DPS20(Fuji)Down Lock
Grip end / BRC