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Ripple Fisher RF Engineered Gears Waterproof Backpack

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StreamTrail and RippleFisher collaboration model of the back brand.
Based on the largest DRY TANK D2 60L in the series, this model has features such as large capacity, outstanding waterproof performance, and resistance to friction. It can store tackle boxes, outdoor gear, items that you do not want to get wet, etc. with plenty of room, and can be widely used on shore and offshore such as fishing on the shore and offshore, and on expeditions.

In addition, a removable original rod holder pad is standard equipment.
By attaching a rod and freeing both hands, a light and safe approach is possible for walking on the rocks and rock / rope climbing.

A drain plug is attached to the lower part of the back as a drain hole, and it can be used as a fish carry bag to bring back fish because it can store wet items and can be washed as a whole to keep it clean.
 Model: Stream Trail / DRY TANK 60L D2
Size: Width 39 x Depth 34 x Height 62.5 cm
Material: Tarpaulin, polyester (bag body)
Color: Black

-About tarpaulin fabric-
A highly waterproof fabric with 100% polyester coated with vinyl chloride.
It is water resistant, tear resistant, and resistant to friction, and can be easily cleaned by wiping it off.

-About the stream trail-Assuming
that the bag itself should be a tool from the bag that holds things, we pursued functionality and ease of use, and carefully considered "corresponding to the weather as well as the sea, river, and waterside" and waterproofness. It is a brand that mainly develops high-priced bags.


This product is not a completely waterproof product.
After getting wet, dry it well before use.
Do not use a washing machine or dryer.