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Ripple Fisher Runner Exceed 104H Nano Plug Model Fishing Rod

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A shore blue rod for plugging that aims to achieve both ease of use and power. Designed with an emphasis on bending as a whole, it has a soft tip with good lure operation that requires delicate action input and water entanglement represented by diving pencils, and bends the rod after the fish hits. By doing so, you can exert more power than you can imagine. Compared to 103H, the elasticity (tension) up to the berry is reduced, so it is possible to stand up the rod and surpass it even in the offense and defense of your feet. The blanks that use nanoalloy technology bend smoothly and will not easily lose their balance on unstable shores when a green object is suddenly plunged. In addition, when casting, you can comfortably put the lure on the rod and cast it far away, and the overall balance has been elaborated so that repeated casting, which is the key to the shore green game, will not be a pain.
Length Weight Section Lure Line Action
10 ft 4 in (closed size 1615mm) 327 g 2 pcs / Inro Tsugu Plug 40 to 120 g PE 4 to 6 Regular Fast


Appropriate reel guideline S · D: 8000 ~ 14000 / D: 4500 ~ 5500
Grip length / 764mm (total grip length), 529mm (from grip end to reel foot) 
Blank tip diameter / 2.5mm (directly below top guide) ・ Blank base diameter / 16.7mm (Original diameter is 805mm from the bottom of the rod to the outer diameter of the fishing rod body)
Reel seat / DPS20 (Fuji) Uplock
grip end / BRC specifications