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Ripple Fisher Runner Exceed Final Stand Up 83HH Extreme Rocky Shore Game Fishing Rod

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The 2023 new model 83HH is a model that will be added to the Runner Exceed Final Stand Up, a rod series for large fish, and is one of Ripple Fisher's answers in the game of aiming for big fish outside the standard.
What are the elements necessary to catch big fish? Always seeking big fish at the forefront, and repeating many defeats and victories, Ripple testers and development staff sought a rod with unprecedented ease of handling and high speed that would give them an advantage in the harsh game of big shore games. It had a responsive fight performance. The 83HH is a special concept model that achieves a high balance between the contradictory elements of lightness and strength, with a short length of 8 feet 3 inches and a strong tenacity that makes it easy to bend and apply pressure to the fish. I was born.
The short length makes it easier to perform stable fights with high loads, and allows you to easily swing out large plugs and make full casts with less force. In terms of lure operation, you can conserve your physical strength even when using high-appeal popper lures for long periods of time, preserving your potential as an angler in case of an emergency.
It goes without saying that playing a big game on the shore requires skill and experience, but maintaining concentration and conserving physical strength are extremely important factors. The 83HH's light feel and ability to maintain pressure on the fish by developing a fight with good response will definitely give anglers a big advantage when confronting large fish that attack unexpectedly.

target GT, rock tuna, amberjack, amberjack, yellowfin tuna, etc.
lure Large plug over 100g
Guide specifications Ocean guide + SiC-RV guide specifications (Fuji)
drag max 10kg/45°

RunnerExceed FINAL STAND UP 83HH(2023 New)

Length Weight Section Lure Line Action
8ft 3in (closed dimension 1310mm) 364g 2pcs / Inrotsugi MAX 200g MAX ON 8 Regular

◎Applicable reel guideline S/D: 14000~20000
Grip length / 828mm (total grip length), 498mm (from grip end to reel foot)
Blank tip diameter / 3.1mm (directly below the top guide), Blank original diameter / 15.5mm (original diameter) is the outer diameter of the fishing rod body which is 855mm from the rod butt)
Reel seat / DPS22 (Fuji) Downlock
grip end / BRC specification

Many of the fields around the world where you can aim at super-large targets from shore are harsh places beyond the reach of humans. It is impossible to target large GT, dogtooth tuna, amberjack, amberjack, yellowfin tuna, etc. from a rocky shore or a breakwater on a remote island using ordinary tackle.
The ``Runner Exceed Final Stand Up'' is the ultimate rod with an overwhelming distance, a smooth bend curve that never bends too much, and a taper design that allows the rod to stand up and survive attacks at the foot of a breakwater or near the shore. This series pursues balance.
In addition to the 100SXH and 105BXH, the two most powerful models in the series, in 2023 we will introduce the short-length model 83HH, which is packed with innovative performance such as mobility and efficient fighting performance.
This is a lineup for anglers who challenge their limits to bring victory under extreme conditions.

83HH/100SXH is a spinning model, and 105BXH is a bait model.
The 83HH uses an RV guide in the butt guide to improve thread removal in order to achieve short-length, long-distance casting performance. In addition, in order to develop a higher load and faster fight, the front grip has a rubber grip with a rib line to improve ease of grip.
In order to achieve the smooth vent curve during fights that is emphasized in the Final Spirit series, the joints of all models are made with inro joints.

*Big game fishing from the shore is a highly dangerous game. Please avoid fishing alone and prioritize safety. Also, you can't choose the size you want to hit, and sometimes you'll end up trying to catch a fish that's bigger than you. The fish will fight back risking their lives, so a moment of laxity could lead to an accident. Don't be overconfident in your skills and physical strength, and take on the challenge seriously.

RinnerExceed FINAL STAND UP Shore-Casting Bending Curve
rod 5kg static load comparison

The final standup, the strongest in the series, is a rod for large fish, mainly for shore GT and blue fish, and the 100SHH Limited is a high-elasticity model that combines special carbon materials. Because the 83HH is short, it looks like it's bent a lot when you compare the bends by position on the reel seat, but the power is in the 100SHH class, and the casting feel and lure operation feel are sharp. Please refer to the characteristics comparison table on the left and the static load comparison on the right.

Static load comparison