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Ripple Fisher RunnerExceed 103H

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Power up model of 911 MH which can share jig and plug. (Target of 10 kilograms of blue turtles) Cast feeling is sharp and sharp, while fighting with fish makes it possible to take advantage of the 103 length sinks and catch it with the entire rod. In game development with plug main, compatibility with shoulder casting feeling is preeminent for those who prefer. I would like to move the pencil with manual action as desired, or a model of the style recommended for those who want to keep the popper in rotation.
Length Weight Section Lure Line Action
10 ft 3 in (Dimensions 1615 mm) 320 g 2 pcs / reverse run MAX Jig 130 g / MAX Plug 90 g MAX PE 5 Regular

◎ Compatible reel indication · S: 8000 ~ 14000 / D: 4500 ~ 6000 
Blank tip diameter / 2.7 mm (directly below the top guide) · Blank original diameter / 17 mm (just above the grip) 
reel seat / DPS 18 (Fuji) down lock 
grip end / EVA

Uplock grip end / BRC 22