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Ripple Fisher RunnerExceed 95TC Shore Jigging & Plugging Rod

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The new product in 2022, 95TC, is a model specializing in improving operability and response. The concept is to get a chance by delicate lure operation in situations where it is difficult to react to the lure, such as when the activity is low, when the tiny bait is unbalanced, or when there is no wind.

The 95TC is a technical model that pursues a high-response blank design in order to realize a new dimension of lure operability. Even in situations where it is easy for fish to see through the lure, such as when there is no wind in fine weather, you can use a wide range of lures such as sinking minnows, poppers, diving pencils, and metal jigs to freely manipulate the strength of the action and the invitation to bite the fish. The main concept is to bring it to. The length of 9.5ft is a setting that realizes light operability and also considers fighting on the rocky shore, and in the power setting in the series, it is an MH class with a main target of around 5 to 10kg. Of course, although it is a technical model, it has a highly balanced usability and long-distance casting performance, and it can also be used as a normal main rod and expedition sub rod. The 95TC is one that uses all kinds of techniques under all circumstances to overcome previously difficult situations.

Target Blue backed fish in general
Field Rocks, shore / breakwater
Specification SiC-S Titanium frame K Guide + RV Guide Specification (Fuji)


Length Weight Section Lure Line Action
9 ft 5 in (Dimensions 1495 mm) 290 g 2 pcs / Spigot Ferrule Max Jig 120g / Plug 30 - 90 g Max PE 4 Regular

Applicable reel guideline S ・ D: 6000 ~ 8000
Grip length / 694mm (total grip length) ・ 459mm (from grip end to reel foot)
Blank tip diameter / 3.0mm (directly below top guide) ・ Blank original diameter / 16.3mm (original diameter) Is the outer diameter of the fishing rod body 730mm from the bottom of the rod)
Reel seat / DPS20 (Fuji) Uplock
grip end / BRC specifications