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Ripple Fisher Selfish 597S Nano Specialized Model

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This 597S Nano designed for vertical jigging to aim large size Kingfish, Amberjacks, and Tunas. You will feel a kind of stiffness when you jig, and it will bend nicely and absorb the huge impact of great amberjack or Tuna. A model that thoroughly pursues the taper, length, power, and operability required for vertical jigging represented by amberjack.
From high pitch short jerk to sharp long jerk, this one can handle it.
It feels stiff when you use it, but after hitting it, it draws a clean arc and gently controls the powerful run of the amberjack.

Ripple Fisher's jigging rod series "Selfish" will be renewed from 2020. The new models will be 3 spinning models and 2 bait models, and each model will be a model developed with a new concept. The three conventional models, 613S, 614S, and 597S, are positioned as vertical main models, the three new spinning models are categorized as NS (Natural Swim) for diagonal pulling, and the two new bait models are categorized as SEB (Sensitive Bait). .
These additional new models are models to respond to the current jigging scene, which is complicatedly subdivided, and to ensure that actions such as bouncing, swimming, and finely moving the jig can be sublimated into the appeal of "feeding". was refined to Of course, the slender and lightweight characteristics of the Selfish, the feeling of slashing the tide with a sharp feeling of operation, and the strong butt power that contradicts the feeling of use have been further refined.

■ Standard & Specialized
 613S / 614S / 597S This model is mainly
for vertical jigging with the boat upright, and it is easy to operate the jig by quickly switching from high pitch to one pitch, short to long jerk. High sensitivity performance is maintained even during high-speed jerk.

Target Greater Amberjack and amberjack
Field Near sea, Far Sea ~150m
Specification SiC-S + SiC Titanium Frame K Guide Specification (Fuji) / Nanoalloy Technology Adopted Blank
 Length Weight Section Lure Line Action
5ft 9in (Closed Length: 1756mm) 250g 1pc ComfortWeight 180~240g * PE 5 Class Regular Fast

Suitable reel size / S: 8000~10000 / D: 4500~5000
Grip length / 699mm(Grip full length) / 494mm(From grip end to reel foot)
Dia of tip / 3.1mm(Just below top guide) / Dia of butt / 9.2mm (Butt diameter measured 735mm from the bottom)
Reel seat / DPS20(Fuji) UpLock
Grip end / BRC
*Comfort Weight is stood for the weight of jigs that you will be able to jig comfortably. It is not meant to be a value of maximum.