Sea Falcon

Sea Falcon Dragon Knight Jig 100g / 125mm

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Developed with the rear weight hairtail as the main target. It falls quickly and invites you quickly to appeal to the target with various glow colors (green glow, blue glow, red glow, orange glow). 

It was developed with a rear weight with a Cutlass fish as the main target !! Invite Quick Fall down and Attraction to appeal to your target in variety of glow colors. This time, we adopted special glow paints of Green Glow, Blue Glow, Red Glow, and Orange Glow. 

 Color Weight Length
01 Silver Zebra (Green Glow) 100g 125mm
02 Orange Zebra (Orange Glow) 100g 125mm
03 Black Zebra (Blue Glow) 100g  125mm
04 Red Zebra (Red Glow) 100g 125mm
05 Purple Zebra (Blue Glow) 100g 125mm
06 Pink Zebra (Green Glow) 100g 125mm