Sea Falcon

Sea Falcon Z Slow Pitch Glowing Sinking Jig 220g / 135mm

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A jig that fully supports the slow style that invites you quickly and eats with a fall. This slow-style jig is completely responsive with a quick invitation, then fall to be eaten.

  • Slow Pitch Standard Model
  • Slow Current
  • Erratic Falling Action
  • Fast Darting when Jerking

SF022-220-050 Lightning Glowing Silver 220g 135mm
SF022-220-030 Glowing Belly Sand Lance 220g 135mm
SF022-220-026 Full Glowing Lightning Pink 220g 135mm
SF022-220-043 Lighting Chart Green 220g 135mm
SF022-220-045 Lighting Glowing Blue Pink
220g 135mm
SF022-220-047 Lighting Glowing Pink 220g 135mm
SF022-220-054 Neon Silver Glowing Edge 220g 135mm
SF022-220-075 Sardine - Non-glow 220g 135mm