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Seafloor Control Messiah Semi-Long Saltwater Jig 240g

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It is a jig that can make a strong appeal to fish in the coastal waters and make a bite. In the tests off Kagoshima and Fukuoka prefectures, they also captured Amberjack, Hiramasa and Buri, and also captured Akamatsu in the middle and deep seas off Kochi, Shizuoka and Aomori prefectures.

Works in coastal water area. It inherits falling speed and lightness on the up-lifting action from our existing long typed Messiah. The new Messiah applies the longest silhouette within Semi-long plus length range for gathering fish and makes them active. It is suitable for less than 180cm depth of water while existing long type is suitable deeper than 180cm.
The form was completed thoroughly tested. The spinning fall action creates appeal and gather fish. It also feels light on the up-lifting action and stay wherever you want.