SeaFloor Control

Seafloor Control Swim TG (Tungsten) Metal Jig with Assist Hooks

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This is a tungsten jig that supports the coastal light jigging of super light jigging.  

Adopting high specific density tungsten that supports super light jigging that allows you to enjoy thrilling exchanges with popular targets such as ties, grunts, and root fish with a lighter tackle, and inshore light jigging such as aiming for blue fish that is well-established as an active fish eater. It is a compact body product of.

The "S-shaped" body, which is similar to the "S-SPIRIT" that symbolizes the pride of SEAFLOOR CONTROL, has been scientifically scrutinized by many actual fishing tests and has a shape that brings the ultimate satisfaction. Yes, even if it is a free roll, it will generate swimming behavior and strongly appeal to the target.

This product also has an assist hook already set, so you can enjoy light jigging as an even easier fishing trip.

Weight Length
40g 2.5"
60g 3"
80g 3.25"
120g 3.75"