Shimano Colt Sniper Limited 104 XH/PS Spinning Rod

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Comfortable operation of the plug with a length design that considers physical strength.

As a heavyweight lure cast from the beach, around 100g is a guideline. Butt power that allows you to fly a heavy weight lure with high air resistance and a strong load, and a flexible tip that dives firmly into the water and gives life.

If the plug weight exceeds 100g, there is an additional 10-15g when adding the hook split ring. The bat power that allows you to cast far in the direction you set with those assumptions in mind is not only for casting, but also for fighting unexpectedly strong opponents.

As for the operation of the lure, it has a wide range of lure weights that can be handled with a flexible tip like the S100H, covering up to 60g general plugs.

From fishing on the ground and offshore for the nervous big masa in spring, to the Goto Islands, the Men's Islands, the Koshiki Islands, the Uji Islands, the Kusagaki Islands, etc., it is powerful and challenges greenery such as tuna.

Reference target fish and fishing speciesTarget size: 20kg class blue fish and tuna
Suitable reel size: 8000-14000

Japan Domestic Model.

  • Length (ft.): 10 feet 4 inches
  • Length (m): 3.15
  • Splicing method: Inlay
  • Piece: 2
  • Closed Length (cm): 161.8
  • Tip Diameter (mm): 2.6
  • Jig Weight (g): MAX150
  • Lure Weight (g): MAX120
  • Line PE (#): MAX6
  • Maximum drag (kg): 10
  • Maximum drag angle (degrees): 45
  • Reel seat position (mm): 522
  • Reel seat type: UPLOCK
  • Carbon (%): 99.9
  • Reference target fish / fishing species
  • Target size: 20kg class blue-runners, tuna, etc.
  • Compatible reel size: 8000-14000