Shimano Colt Sniper SS LSJ (Light Shore Jigging) Fishing Rod - S100ML Long Length Model

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2022 NEW
Colt Sniper SS LSJ (Light Shore Jigging)

Inheriting tough and tough blanks performance. A light and safe rod that makes a strong pull more familiar

A dedicated model developed with the concept of "lighter and more comfortable" for light shore jigging with breakwaters, surfs, and Gorota beaches as fields. The basic structure [Spiral X], which is Shimano's unique rod technology, and the reinforced structure [High Power X] are adopted to achieve a light weight that allows you to comfortably continue the important keep cast & keep action in this game. In addition, it has a long throw performance and power that gives you a sense of security to capture target blue-runners. In addition, the guide setting is also specialized for light shore jigging, and we are thoroughly pursuing line troubles.


Light shore jigging is fishing where you can enjoy strong pulls in the vicinity. Dedicated rod in pursuit of lightness

coltsniper ss lsj

LSJ is an abbreviation for "light shore jigging". Since it is a light shore jigging, it is a fishing method that you can enjoy mainly targeting blue-runners with a metal jig of around 20 to 50g from an easily accessible place such as a familiar embankment, rocky shore, or surf. Typical targets are blue fish such as yellowtail, amberjack, amberjack, and Spanish mackerel, but it is common to aim for sizes that have not yet matured. Even so, the pull of the blue fish is intense, and you can enjoy the fishing spot in a familiar place, so once you experience it, you will be addicted to it.

coltsniper ss lsj

This light shore jigging is a very popular fishing method because you can enjoy a powerful pull and many targets are delicious to eat. However, despite its popularity, there are few dedicated rods, and full-fledged shore jigging rods that are often used as substitutes are too strong and heavy, and seabass rods are lighter but lack power. It was not less. This is how the Colt Sniper SS LSJ was born. While it has the power to handle strong pulls of blue-runners, it also has the practicality of being light and easy to operate metal jigs. With the advent of special rods, light shore jigging, which tends to be difficult to select tackle, has become more comfortable than ever.

Rod performance required for LSJ. Proprietary technology achieves both lightness and power

coltsniper ss lsj

Weighs less than 200g. Lack of power

As a light shore jigging rod, all of the lineup realizes an amazing light weight of 200g or less. It is possible to operate the metal jig more delicately with the lightness as if you were holding a seabass rod. In addition, the sensitivity is improved due to the lightness, so it is easy to see the lure landing on the bottom, and it is easy to feel changes in the tide, which is an important factor in aiming for blue-runners.

coltsniper ss lsj

Go farther on the jig. Firmly transmit power even at a distance

The blue-runners, which are always migrating around chasing the small fish that serve as food, do not know when they will be hungry. Therefore, long casting performance is an essential element in this fishing, and being able to cast long distances is a great advantage. In addition, the "Spiral X" and "High Power X" applied to the blanks greatly reduce power loss when the rod bends. Not only is it possible to hook powerfully even with a bite at the end of a long cast, but it also reduces the loss of a strong blue-runner. It is a blank design that has been carefully packed so that you can make a valuable opportunity.

coltsniper ss lsj

Comfortable for lures other than jigs. Tone design that sticks to the tip

This model is designed to be well balanced with metal jigs weighing around 20-50g. This metal jig needs to be used properly according to the water depth and tide of the fishing spot, so it is possible to lightly operate any weight within the applicable range. Also, since it may not react to metal jigs, it also supports blade lures and long bill minnows as lure rotation. It is designed to be easy to use lures other than metal jigs because it is easy to feel the action of the lure by pursuing the delicacy of the tip and reducing its own weight.

coltsniper ss lsj 

In search of bigger greens. The model that is most suitable as a step-up from an introductory

coltsniper ss lsj

The Colt Sniper SS LSJ model is designed with an emphasis on lightness, but it also has power. It has enough specs to handle unexpected big game. It is the best model as a step-up when you want to get used to the tackle operation from the first time fishing and want to enjoy more full-fledged blue-runner fishing.

S100ML / Long Length Model that combines the operability of jigs and plugs

coltsniper ss lsj

ML power that is active in target fish such as small to medium-sized blue fish, Spanish mackerel, hairtail, bonito, dolphinfish. It has high operability that supports both jigs and plugs, and deep blanks that can be used for exciting fights. In addition, the 10'0" length has excellent long casting performance, and it is possible to trace the lure to your feet even at high footing points.Recommended reel size: 4000 to C5000.
Part Number S100ML
Overall Length (ft) 10'0"
Overall Length (m) 3.05
Joint Method Reverse connection
Number of joints (pieces) 2
Closed dimensions (cm) 156.1
Weight (g) 199
Tip diameter (mm) 2
Jig weight (g) Max 50
Plug weight (g) Max 42
Applicable line PE (No.) Max 2
Maximum drag (kg) 3
Maximum drag angle (degree) 45
Grip type separate
Reel seat position (mm) 480
Reel Seat Type Uplock
Carbon content (%) 99.9