Shimano Coltsniper SS S100MH-T Telescopic Spinning Rod - 3 Joints (Sections)

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Practical shore jigging rod with high convenience.

A high-performance series "Colt Sniper SS" that specializes in shore jigging and shore plugging games and proposes to anglers who challenge big players. We generously adopt the rod technology and know-how cultivated in high-end models. Equipped with a basic structure that realizes light and strong blanks, a spiral X, and a reinforced structure high power X that enhances torsional rigidity. Unpleasant blurring and power loss are thoroughly suppressed, and the long-distance castability, operability, and power that are important in this game are dramatically improved. Active in a wide range of scenes such as breakwaters, surf, and rocky shores. He is good at power fighting with good greens as well as long-distance capture. Not only blanks, but also weight reduction of parts such as mounting a separate grip contributes to fatigue reduction. The lineup includes 9 items that cover everything from simple light games to full-scale green games.
We also have a lineup of swing models that add mobility to high basic performance. In addition to the high convenience of the swing specification, the power and smooth bending curve are as good as those of a 2-piece rod.


Spiral X - Overcome twisting and crushing and improve rod performance from the ground up.

Spiral X has a three-layer structure in which carbon tape is tightly wound diagonally in the opposite direction on the inner and outer layers of the rod longitudinal fibers. The diagonal fibers inside and outside can achieve high torsional rigidity and crushing rigidity while maintaining lightness. Shimano's unique "basic structure" that improves instantaneous power transmission in fishing movements such as casting and fighting, and maintains lightness to increase "ground power for catching".

High Power X 

Reinforced structure that further suppresses twisting that occurs during casting and fighting. The feature is that the carbon tape is tightened in an X shape from the outermost layer of Spiral X or the carbon sheet vertical and horizontal crossing structure. As a result, the bending of the rod keeps the direction intended by the angler, and the original performance of the blanks is fully exhibited.

All Double Foot Stainless Frame K Guide 

Coltsniper SS

Features of Colt Sniper SS (Comparison with BB)

SS series with a lightweight design based on the upgraded blanks material. Compared to the BB series, the power and strength are greatly improved, achieving a stable fight under high load. In addition to improving the flight distance by reducing cast blur and sharp operation feeling, we have also achieved reduction of fatigue.

Coltsniper SS

  • Spiral X
  • High Power X
  • K Guide
  • Fuji DPS Reel Seat + Locknut to prevent loosening
  • Separate EVA Grip
  • Center Cut 2 Pieces (Parallel)
  • Total Guide Hold System (Swing)
  • Coin-operated Butt Plug (Swing)
Product number Overall length (ft) Splicing mething Number of Joints  Closed Dimension (cm) Own Weight
S100MH-T 10.0" Swing Out 3 117.6 288


Tip Diameter (mm) Jig Weight (g) Plug Weight (g) Conformity line PE Grip Type Reel Seat Position (mm) Reel Seat Type Carbon %
2.2 MAX 80 MAX 65 MAX 3 Separate 492 UPLOCK 99.5