Shimano Ocea Full Throttle 240F AR-C Floating Stickbait 240mm / 120g

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Master in 3 minutes - HOW TO Nonstop Jerk x Seiichiro Tashiro (Amberjack Casting)

 Genkai Amberjack x Ossia Full Throttle Commentary: Seiichiro Tashiro

Amberjack Casting New Method - The Power of Nonstop Jerk Seiichiro Tashiro



The AR-C system adopts a spring-type center of gravity control that overturns the common sense of the center of gravity movement system. At the time of casting, the weight is moved backward by centrifugal force and acceleration G. And, by installing the spring type center of gravity control, the weight returns, and when it lands, it realizes an outstanding rise with a stable posture equivalent to the fixed center of gravity minnow.

Mad scales

Originally developed Shimano original hologram.

* Strong scales: 001, 004, 005 only

Strong scales

A hologram that emphasizes the size of the scales of the mad scale and strengthens its appeal.

* Strong scales: 001, 004, 005 only

What is non-stop jerk?

High-season amberjack casting is under increasing pressure and often encounters astringent situations. The method secretly practiced by the captains who are constantly producing results even in such fierce battlefields. That is "non-stop jerk" that adds jerks and twitches while continuing to retrieve. Unlike skipping, which invites you to slide the surface of the water, it is a new invitation to switch on tough amberjack, such as diving a special pencil to swim or jumping out to the surface of the water to appeal.

Keep rolling and keep swimming

The key to the operation method is to keep winding. After casting, lower the rod tip and start retrieving. While continuing to wind, try jerk the rod at a short pitch or add operations such as twitching. It is possible to appeal to fish that are difficult to use with ordinary jerk with a completely different approach. In addition, to raise the splash on the surface of the water to make it appeal strongly, or to raise the lure to the surface of the water to grasp the position of the lure, it is also effective to raise the rod tip while continuing to retrieve and raise the swimming layer of the lure. ..

Adjust action with hook

In non-stop jerk that stimulates the switch of amberjack by continuously inviting it, the hook setting centering on the rear hook is important because the bite of jerk increases. When using with triple hooks, it is recommended to use one hook from # 3/0 to # 4/0 that weighs up to about 9g. The front and back are basically the same size, but we also recommend a combination that raises the rear hook by one size to make it easier to float on the water surface. Even if it is set with a single hook, adjust one with a single hook or twin hook of 5 to 8 g according to the desired action.

The full throttle 240F is a floating design that floats horizontally in a hookless state, but the buoyancy is weakened exclusively for non-stop jerk. It may sink depending on the weight of the hook used. If you choose a hook, please make adjustments while checking whether the action you are aiming for.

Product Number Color Type Length (mm) Weight (g)
XU-T24T-002 Kyorin Iwashi Floating 240 120
XU-T24T-003 Kyorin Saury Floating
240 120
XU-T24T-004 Flying Fish Floating 240 120
XU-T24T-005 Kyorin Orange Floating 240 120
XU-T24T-006 Boat White Floating 240 120