Shimano OCEA 8 PE SW Concept Navy Heat Sink Coating Fishing Line

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Shimano OCEA 8 PE Lines


X Filament

The next-generation high-molecular-weight polyethylene yarn is used for the first time. Significantly improved "strength", the biggest requirement for offshore.

Heat sink coating (# 4-12)

Coated with a special silicone resin that has excellent heat resistance and has a low thermal conductivity of about 1/4 that of water. Improved slipperiness.

"TOUGH CROSS 2" adoption

Knitting process that combines tough cloth + VT construction method. Smoothness and straightness of the surface are improved, and in addition to uniform strength, it contributes to lower elongation and improved abrasion resistance.

Casting / Jigging balance thorough examination!

Field verification of slipperiness / hardness balance thoroughly. As a result, air knot / guide trouble decreased. 

Part number


Number of PE braids

Length (m)

Size (No.)

Maximum strength (lb)

Maximum strength (kg)

LD-A71S SW Navy 8 300 5 99 44.9
LD-A71S SW Navy 8 300 6 113 51.3
LD-A71S SW Navy 8 300 8 151 68.5