Shimano OCEA Bomb Dip 170F Flash Boost XU-P17V 170mm / 72g

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The concept is a small body and loud bubble popping! Flash boost that keeps inviting even if you stop!

Tuna, amberjack, yellowtail, GT. The effectiveness of poppers is being reviewed again when aiming for typical target fish in recent casting games. The Bomb Dip 170F is a high-pressure situation where you have to worry about aiming for a popular target fish, and it is designed to have both a strong appeal and a silhouette that is easy to eat.
A gourd-shaped body that has good tide biting and can realize popping with a short movement distance. Since it is easy to get entangled with water, we are also aiming to reduce misactions such as lures rolling on the surface of the water. In addition to a small body that attracts attention with loud popping and is easy to eat, it is equipped with a flash boost that continues flushing even when lure action is stopped.


Flash boostUnique structure that the mirror plate continues to reflect

A flash boost mechanism that hangs a reflector inside the body with a spring. Using vibrations such as rod action, we will continue to invite you with a small amount of glittering flushing even during drifting where you do not move the lure by vibrating with a spring.

Jet boost

The center of gravity movement mechanism JET BOOST (jet boost) that achieves both stable long casting and quick swimming by supporting the center of gravity movement weight with a through shaft and spring. We thoroughly verify the three elements of "initial speed at the time of casting", "stability of flight attitude", and "quick start of swimming", and realize a long-distance fishing lure that can be caught regardless of the skill of the user.

Bubble chamberA deep cup design that realizes deep bass and loud volume and a bubble chamber that draws a large amount of bubbles into the water are fused.

A bubble chamber that takes in water and air and draws finely sparkling bubbles into the water. A deep cup design designed for loud popping sounds that are difficult to achieve with small poppers.