Shimano Ocea Head Dip 140F Flash Boost Stickbait with Treble Hooks 140mm / 70g

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Specializing in targeting tuna in Sagami Bay! A new color appears in the head dip 140F equipped with flash boost!

A flight distance that does not miss one chance in the first half of the season when aiming for yellowfin tuna in Sagami Bay. In addition, even with a thick nabla that has become a bite in the high season, the low buoyancy design allows the entire lure to be submerged in water as much as possible, and the flash boost continues to shine, giving it a strong appeal that will not be interrupted during your stay. In addition, one size larger hook setting that can be safely exchanged even with the big size that appears in the second half of the season. We developed it by incorporating all the elements necessary for those tuna targets.


Flash boostUnique structure that the mirror plate continues to reflect

A flash boost mechanism that hangs a reflector inside the body with a spring. Using vibrations such as rod action, we will continue to invite you with a small amount of glittering flushing even during drifting where you do not move the lure by vibrating with a spring.

Jet boost

The center of gravity movement mechanism JET BOOST (jet boost) that achieves both stable long casting and quick swimming by supporting the center of gravity movement weight with a through shaft and spring. We thoroughly verify the three elements of "initial speed at the time of casting", "stability of flight attitude", and "quick start of swimming", and realize a long-distance fishing lure that can be caught regardless of the skill of the user.

scale boost

A hologram that mimics the realistic pattern of baitfish scales. By adopting a composite pitch hologram, complex reflections in the water are realized like real baitfish scales. A lineup of various holograms that match the scene.

"Flash Boost Mechanism" Continues to invite you during your stay by amplifying vibration with a spring

A flash boost mechanism that suspends a mirror-finished reflector with a spring inside the body. Using the vibrations when landing on the water or diving action, the vibration is further amplified by the spring to keep the lure moving with a quick "glittering" flushing even during stays and between jerks.

Nabura shooting, of course, even luring out!

We recommend a slightly slow jerk or a long pose to invite you out. Please be conscious of the approach to show it firmly and eat it reliably.

One size large hook setting that can be exchanged with confidence