Shimano Ocea Nylon Casting Leader Fishing Line - 30 m

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A blend of two types of high molecular weight nylon resin made in Japan. Achieves high strength with our unique spinning technology.

While maintaining the soft texture unique to nylon, it suppresses initial elongation and reduces power loss during hooking. It has the property of stretching moderately and straddling when it approaches the breaking limit.
By using a high-purity material, high transparency is maintained and it is also characterized by being less likely to become cloudy. The thick size (No. 18 and above), which tends to be hard, has increased flexibility by applying resin compounding and special heat treatment after molding, and a shock leader that is strong against impact and hard to be crushed has been completed.

Product Number Color Length (m)
Size (issue) Average strength (lb)
LA-A21U Clear 30 50 170
LA-A21U Clear 30 60 200
LA-A21U Clear 30 80 260