Shimano Ocea Pencil 160F Jet Boost Stickbait with Treble Hooks 160mm / 65g

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Equipped with a jet boost on the ocean pencil.

The flight distance is improved while maintaining the good start of the Ossia Pencil 150F.

The Oshia Pencil 150F, which has led the lure of amberjack in various places, is equipped with a jet boost for the purpose of improving flight attitude and flight distance. It was developed with the aim of gaining more flight distance than other anglers and appealing to Kingfish before anyone else, even in high season and high pressure points.

New colors based on 3 different scale boosts have been added to the OCEA PENCIL 160F JET BOOST that appeals to the target despite its small size. T-sardine is a sardine color based on the T-type scale boost, which has not been in the lineup so far. Scales that are transparent but shine depending on the angle play an active role as a trump card. N Sardine Mint, based on a natural scale boost, is a new proposal of sardine x mint color. A orange is an appealing color with highly visible orange on the back and belly. The synergistic effect with the A type scale boost results in outstanding appeal and visibility.


Jet boostCenter-of-gravity movement mechanism JET BOOST (jet boost) that achieves both stable long casting and quick swimming by supporting the center-of-gravity movement weight with a penetrating shaft and spring. Thoroughly verifying the three elements of "initial speed when casting", "stable flight posture", and "swimming quickly", we will realize a long cast lure that can be caught regardless of the skill of the user.

scale boost

A hologram that mimics the realistic pattern of baitfish scales. By adopting a composite pitch hologram, complex reflections in the water are realized like real baitfish scales. A lineup of various holograms that match the scene.

Part Number  PB-160Q
Type Floating
Overall Length (mm) 160
Weight (g) 65
Hook #2/0 x 2