Shimano Trastick S710-810M Spinning Portable Travel Rod with Travel Case

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Cast anytime, anywhere! 5 high-performance pack rods.

Shimano's pack rod Trastick is for anglers who want to enjoy lure fishing anywhere. It is a maneuver that can be relied on not only for fishing using bicycles, motorcycles, trains, etc., but also for travel and business trips. It also comes with a special rod case and bag, so you don't have to worry about storing or carrying it. In addition, two types of pieces (third from the top) are available, and the rod length can be adjusted by 1 foot according to the situation. Versatile and convenient to carry, Trastick is very useful in various styles and situations.


Equipped with Fuji Stainless steel frame and arconite guide

With dedicated rod case and rod bag

Target fish for each item
S710-810M: Seabass, Flatfish, Hairtail, Small migratory fish, Egging etc
■ 2 types of lengths can be selected for the 3rd piece (4 joints + short type # 3 included for a total of 5 joints)
■ Fuji stainless steel frame with arconite guide
■ Special rod case and rod bag
■ Compact finish Dimensions (57 cm for 510-610, 64 cm for 610-710, 72 cm for 710-810)
■ Separate cork grip

Product S710-810M
Overall length (ft.) 8'10"
Number of joints (books) Four
Closed dimension (cm) 72
Own Weight (g) 212
Tip diameter (mm) 2
Lure weight (g) 8~42
Compatible line nylon (lb) 8~20
Grip type separate
Reel seat position (mm) 348
Reel seat type DOWNLOCK
Carbon content (%) 90