Shout! Curve Point Treble 11 - 211CS

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Outstanding penetrating performance.
Seabass, flounder, small blue-runners...
From light game to shore game.
Considering the ideal of hooking in actual fishing from all angles, it was reflected in one treble.
In order to enjoy the ideal salt game that you can remember, the
biggest feature of the treble that Shout thought of is [curve point].
The slim shape has excellent penetrating performance during hooking, leading to smooth insertion.
Once it's stuck in your torso, you can hold it firmly with a moderately flattened gape and strong wire, and you won't miss your target.
In addition, the corrosion-resistant special surface treatment ARS (Anti Rust System) boasts a high rust prevention effect and durability.
It also has the effect of mitigating the damage caused by the hook of the plug.

Product number Color size Number of pieces Own weight
211CS Silver Silver 6 9 0.7g
5 9 0.8g
4 8 0.9g
2 8 1.4g
1 7 1.9g
1/0 6 2.5g
2/0 5 3.8g