Shout! Double Kudako Hook 329DK

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Super strong Shout Kudako hooks tied with short PE braid leader with metal rings. Double Kudako fits well to top water baits, and minnow baits. Perfect for top water baits. Hook wire is hard pressed to stand for large load. Long-tapered sharp point penetrates jaws with less force. With the PE braid, you will have less hook-offs after hitting fish. 

Double hook assist with plug compatible, PE line.
A type of assist hook that attaches to a plug in top water games for amberjack, GT, and tuna.
Compared to the treble hook, the disparity after hanging is drastically reduced.
Hooking response is improved because it is a slightly longer assist hook specification.
The hook is easily sucked even with a short bite.
Product number Color size Number of sets Weight of one set PE strength Press ring size
329DK Silver Silver 1/0 2 2.6g 150lb 5
2/0 2 3.7g
3/0 2 5.1g 200lb
4/0 2 6.1g 6
5/0 2 8.5g 300lb 7
6/0 1 13.4g
7/0 1 17.2g