Shout! Hard Twin Spark Assist Hook Size 1/0

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Shout! Hard Twin Spark

PE line specification with a tension ester core. Spark double hook assist
A lineup of 1, 2 and 3 cm lengths to support various settings for slow pitch jerk and long fall jerk.
Ester core is added to the conventional product. The number of hooks to jigs is drastically reduced.
If you attach the split ring to the desired position, it can be used both inward and outward.
Select a length that does not interfere with the front and rear hooks when attached to the front and back of the jig. If there are many bites in the raised jerk, lengthen the front, and in places with many roots, lengthen the rear to reduce rooting.
Please judge various situations and find the best setting in Twin Spark.
PE Length Size Qty
325HT 1cm 1/0 2
326HT 2cm 1/0 2
327HT 3cm 1/0 2