Shout! Heavy Spark Assist Hard Twin 4cm / 355VD

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Clear fluorine coated hook & PE line thick shaft super penetration twin assist with core.
Ultra-penetrating clear fluorinated heavy spark hook SPJ front twin type. ?
Ideal for the front hook in the hard type that contains the core in the ester.
Since the core is an ester line, even if it has a fold, it will return to its original state if pulled. Since it is a
high-strength thick shaft hook, you can challenge power fighters such as tuna, amberjack, amberjack, and yellowtail with a thick main line and high drag tension.
We have a lineup of 3 types and 3 hook sizes of 2 cm, 3 cm, and 4 cm that correspond to various jigs and situations.
Product number PE length Quantity size
355VD 4 cm 2 sets 1/0