Shout! Lance Real Color - “Straight and Stall Action” Jig 160g

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"Real Color Series" is now available in "Lance"!

Shout! Lance straight and stall action

Directing while eating with high pitch jerk. Enchanting fall action with slow pitch jerk. The raising and lowering behavior that does not go wild too much, and the stall that fascinates after that attracts all targets.
Awakening of new potential in big games.

"Lance" is a long jig characterized by the action of pushing straight like a spear = Lance.
Instead of the sharp horizontal long dirt like a slide actor, I dared to aim for a vertical push and stall.
This is consistent with the action of juvenile sand lance (Ammodytes lanceolata) and hairtail, which have low swimming ability, to escape. After the stall, the stay Yuzuri's "while eating" is produced. Sometimes the target is bitten in a fall position as if it were stationary without roll action.

Type: sinking