Shout! Lighten-Technical Slow Jerker

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Shout! Lighten - Technical Slow Jerker 50g & 70g

The actual battle of imagination establishes a new frontier.

A jig that is particular about the action response in slow style jerking on rogue reels.
Despite its symmetry and low center of gravity, it shows a slow jerk dirt, horizontal posture, and movement that induces hirauchi and reaction.
Not only green fish, but also red sea bream, horse mackerel, mackerel, root fish ... This jig has the results that can be obtained only with a small jig.

In contrast to the fast and strong jerk by high gear reel and the dirt action that makes the target go crazy, the slow style jerk that seems to cut off the jig has a feeding technique that can not be tasted by power jigging. To do.
Feel the water pressure that the jig receives by fanning the rod and fluffy.
The action of this jig changes depending on the power of the rod, the strength of the rod, the moment until the next rod is fanned, and the line handling at that moment.
First, let's try the jig action on the ship's side.
When the underwater image of the jig synchronizes with your tackle, you can establish a new jigging style.

Shout Lighten 131LT RZ 50g