Shout! Luminous Jaco Hook Rigged Assist Rainbow JH-03

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JH-03 - PE Line, glow assist hook, with luminous aurora sheet, glow thread and head.

  • An assist hook that adds the appeal of mackerel skin and rainbow threads to a fine wire hook exclusively for the coastal waters that emphasizes hooking performance.
    It is possible to attract and eat targets that did not react with the jig alone until now.
  • In addition to its visual appeal, the lightweight hook and material make it easier to suck into the target's mouth, improving the hooking rate compared to normal assist hooks.
  • Full-body luminous version of "Jaco Hook".
  • It is effective when the target Tana is deep, when the tide is cloudy, or when it is cloudy.
  • It is also effective for rock fish on the bottom.
  • PE Line S: 80lb, M: 100lb, L: 120lb, LL: 150lb
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    JH-03 3 S