Shout! Powerful Assist Hook 25-PA

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Shout! Powerful Assist Hook

  • Kudako Hook
  • PE Line
  • Welded Ring
  • No. 25-PA
  • Color Silver

Ultra-robust specification from the hook to the line.
"KUDAKO HOOK" uses powerful assistance hooks.
From the PE line of four fabrics, there is a high resistance and a moderate tension.
Ideal for jigging with an assist, which was connected to a template in the split ring.

Product number Number of pieces Size (press ring strength)
25-PA 3 1/0 (221LB)
2/0 (368LB)
3/0 (368LB)
2 4/0 (368LB)
5/0 (442LB)
6/0 (442LB)
7/0 (442LB)