Shout! Powerful BB Swivel 412PB

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Shout! Powerful BB Swivel 412PB

High strength and high rotation! Ball bearing swivel

"Powerful BB swivel" overcomes the weakness of the conventional ball bearing swivel, which was uncertain in terms of strength. The internal structure of the bearing, which consists of three parts, has been thoroughly improved. Furthermore, high strength is achieved by increasing the volume of the core material.
The bearing ball uses a high-grade SUS304H ball with high sphericity. Maintains high rotation performance even when tension is applied in fighting with big fish. The burden on the line can be minimized even in the offensive and defensive battles. Also, even in shallow water jigging where casts are frequently used, the thread twist that causes line troubles is improved, so the game can be continued without stress.

The lineup includes the "Combi BB swivel" with a split ring for connecting to a lure, and the "Assist BB swivel" with a press ring for attaching a split ring and an assist hook.

Size Strength Qty
1 103lb / 47kg 4
2 127lb / 58kg 4
3 160lb / 73kg 4
4 266lb / 121kg 3
5 288lb / 131kg 3
6 412lb / 187kg 2