Shout! Shiver- Falling Bite Action

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Shout! Shiver- Falling Bite Action

Type: Sinking

Weight: 30g, 40g, 60g, 80g, 100g

The aim was to have a presence in the fall!
Shivering action drives the target crazy!

Center balance delta form designed to enjoy slow pitch jerk from the shore.
The edgy shape gives sharpness to the "fluttering action" that falls while wobbling violently at the time of fall, and causes a strong fall wave that echoes on the lateral line of the Target even from a distance.
Of course, not only the fall, but also the basic action in shore jigging, such as jerking and jerk, irregularly darts and makes the fish go crazy.
Make full use of jerk and fall, and enjoy the fun of using your mouth not only for greenery but also for various targets such as root fish and sea bass.

Material from Japan Assembled in Thailand