Shout! Shotel Metal Sinking Jig 136SO / 100g

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Small silhouette in shallow water,
fall action response in deep water.
"Shortel" is a jig that can be called a thick "lance". The cradle fall action when the hook is set back and forth triggers a bite.
What are the weaknesses of "Lance"? A long silhouette that arouses alertness in shallow water . Sustainability of cradle fall in the depths ...
"Shortel" uses Cradle Fall as a weapon and makes a nervous target bite with a short small silhouette in shallow water.
In the depths, the extra-thick body suppresses the influence of the leader And main line, and the cradle fall is easy to sustain.
What is the right jerk style for "Shotel"? As with all jigs, it is not possible to draw a clear line between jigs regarding the suitability of slow pitch and high pitch.Consider the conditions for killing the target, devise the tackle and hook settings, and how to operate the jig.
It's up to the angler to decide.