Shout! Shrink Tube 427ST

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Shout! Shrink Tube  427ST

Heat shrink tube for twin hooks.
Please use it for repair when the tube attached to the twin hook is damaged.
Cut it to an appropriate length and pass it through one of the hooks first. If you pass the other hook around the foot roller, it will go in smoothly.
It can be shrunk and fixed by passing it through to the ring and applying heat with a lighter or the like.
It can also be used as a [shrink tube for protecting netsuke thread] of the assist hook.

Product number Tube inner diameter length Compatible twin hook 22
427ST 2mm 100 cm ---
3mm 70cm 1/0
3.5mm 60cm 2/0
4mm 55cm 3/0
5mm 50cm 4/0 5/0
6mm 40cm ---
8mm 35cm ---
10mm 30 cm ---

 Fit Shout! Twin Hook 22