Shout! SN Lance- “Straight and Stall Action” Jig 165SN / 110g

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Shout! SN Lance straight and stall action

Tin material, light specific gravity. Lance's slow fall tune model.
A light specific gravity jig that attracts shallow targets.
"Tin" = a new possibility of the element symbol Sn Sn Sn LANCE.
By setting hooks on the front and rear, Lance produces a stable cradle fall action,
which produces outstanding fishing results. Is it
possible to produce this cradle action more slowly in shallow water ? Rather than simply making the jig lighter, it may be possible to
produce a slower fall action by reducing the specific gravity while keeping the silhouette .
The specific gravity of lead is 11.3 g / ㎤, while the specific gravity of tin is 7.3 g / ㎤.
If the tide is fast or deep, it will take time to land and it will be difficult to control.
Use this in a shallow place.
This is the merit that can be obtained only in shallow areas where the influence of tidal currents is small when the jig sinks.
The specific gravity of the jig is a remarkable explosive force depending on the user and the natural conditions.