Shout! Stay Yellow Tail Junkie Sinking Jig

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Shout! Stay Yellow Tail Junkie

Dirt & pose. The horizontal posture that induces as if it is suspended creates an exquisite bite chance. This asymmetry is not for spiral dirt!
Straight-line stability due to the delta form is the key.

Front weight jig designed exclusively for assist * "Stay" We are particular about actions that were not possible with the jig at the rear center of gravity, and adopted a straight-ahead stable shape delta form. The triple edge realizes the dirt performance that rides on the tide of "Slide Actor".
The horizontal posture when configuring as if it is suspended gives the target an exquisite "while eating". (* Center weight for models measuring 130g or more)

A technical jig for jigging experts!

There was a limit to the rear weight jig so far.
Because there was a danger of tailing.
Nowadays, assist-only jigging is in its heyday, and depending on the skill of the angler, we need a jig that allows us to arrange actions in a wider variety and more freely.
The reaction to the "stay" jersey is always from the front.
Try every action, from slow to fast, to tension jerk on a rod pad to Hirado jerk with line slugs.
A variety of horizontal postures after dirt, fall actions such as rolling fall.
I want you to feel it with this jig.
The ultimate bite action

Shout! Concept jigging special

Delta form & Front weight

111SY 60g, 113SY 100 g & 117SY 300 gShout Stay