Shout! Width "Dual Control" Jig

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Shout! Width "Dual Control" Semi-Long Body

Control the dirt and horizontal posture that induces bite, and turn on the
target's feeding switch.
Have you ever thought about it on board?
"If the silhouette is a little bigger than the stay and there is dirt performance ..."
Isn't the target not able to chase the jig with the high speed long dirt of the slide actor ? "
" While inviting with a slower dirt, Isn't it possible to give time to eat in a horizontal position? "
The original" stay "of the asymmetric delta form that produces" while eating "is a short type jig with high dirt performance, but if it is a little longer, the dirt performance will be further improved. To do.
The "Slide Actor", which specializes in long dirt with strong one-pitch jokes, can bring out dirt performance even with a light jerk if it is a little shorter.
Ones is a jig that has both long and short characteristics due to its exquisite weight balance, and by controlling both characteristics with the strength of the rod work, the target's predatory switch can be turned on and "while eating" can be produced.
Width is a jig that enables various productions according to the target conditions and greatly expands the range of attacks.

161WD 100g, 1162WD 40g, 163WD 180g, and 164WD 210g

Shout Width Dual Control Jig