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The ideal hook setting was developed over many years by Captain Morisot of Miyakojima.
The assist set, in which two hooks are tied together, brings out the benefits of triple hooks and single hooks.

Improved hooking rate/improved reliability of power fights and long fights

Triple hooks make it easier to get hook-ups due to the hook shape, but there are also many error hooks around the mouth, which causes breakups during the fight.
A single hook makes it easier to catch a canefish, but if you match the weight to a triple hook, it becomes difficult to hook up due to the increased hook size and weight.
Ocean Twin makes it easy to match the hook size and weight, and the tying effect stabilizes the hook posture, reducing hooking errors and catching cannook. Also, since you can use a thicker shaft than a triple hook for large fish, it is more reliable even during powerful and long fights.

BG86 (barb specification)/BG81 (cut barb specification)

Fish that jump, fish that shake their head violently, and hook barbs will help reduce the chance of fish falling apart.
On the other hand, barbless allows you to penetrate the hook with a small hooking power, and it makes it easier to release the hook or remove the hook when it gets stuck in your hand.
Based on the barbed BG86, we have added the BG81, which has a moderate balance between reducing breakage and making it easier to remove the hook by cutting the barb part and leaving a barb mountain.
*The barb cut processing of BG81 is done by hand, so there may be variations in the shape of the ridges.

Tuning lure action

Since the hook size can be reduced compared to a single hook, it is easier to give a sharp action like a triple hook. In addition, by adjusting the size and assist length of the front and rear hooks, and adding a sinker, you can tune the diving method and width of the action even with the same lure.

Stable flight attitude, increased flight distance

When casting, the hook fits perfectly against the body, reducing air resistance and stabilizing the flight posture, increasing flight distance.

Hook/assist/ring specifications

The BG86/81 hook has a reliable strength and design that has been thoroughly tested by Hiromu Sano tester on giant tuna.
Custom-made gray, SOM characteristic high polishing press ring is used on XBRAID's Sea Hunter base.


*Split ring is not included.

*The weight will vary slightly depending on the amount of cut of the assist line and protective tube.
*If the belly side eye of the lure is fixed, please use an assist length of 10 mm or more.
 During a fight, the rolling of the fish may concentrate on the assist part and cause it to break.
*If the assist line turns white, the strength of the line has decreased due to age/ultraviolet rays/load, etc.

Each packet contains 2 single hooks