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Studio Ocean Mark Blue Safari 35Pw/L-D/S (22) Pw Model Left Handed Jigging Fishing Reel

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Blue Safari 35 PW/L-D-S (22) 5.2:1 (70 cm) 6kg PE2-300m 405g Dark Silver/Silver

New reel proposed by SOM, which has pursued lever drag reels so far.
Introducing a new standard reel that fully incorporates epoch-making mechanisms such as a new drag system "WING DRAG" that has never been seen before, and a 2-speed level winder that suppresses line biting.

Wing Drag

It is a new drag system that is easy to set like a star drag and easy to understand the drag value like a lever drag.
Drag is adjusted in 4 stages with a mechanism that operates the drag by moving the wing back and forth. The amount of change is about 400 to 500g per click from where the initial drag value is adjusted with the preset knob.

How to set the Drag

When making the setting value the weakest (4 steps up to MAX)

  • ① Knock down the wing drag towards you.
  • ② Turn the preset knob to set the initial drag value.
  • ③ Drag value can be adjusted step by step by tilting the wing drag to the back.

■ When setting the value in the middle
  • (2 steps to MIN, 2 steps to MAX)

    • ① Move the wing drag to the center as shown in the picture.
    • ② Turn the preset knob to set the initial drag value.
    • (3) When the wing drag is pushed forward, the drag value decreases, and when pushed backward, the drag value increases.

3 Types of Spool

Adopted a system that can easily replace the spool with one screw on the gear box side.
With the following 3 types of spools, it corresponds to almost all offshore scenes in the near sea. It is possible to change the spool without changing the reel even on a relay ship where the fishing items change on one boarding.

  • (1) Standard spool: PE2 No. 300m. It covers light jigging such as blue fish jigging in the near sea.
  • ③ Deep groove spool…PE2 No. 600m. Deep groove design for mid-deep sea jigging. *sold separately
  • ③Shallow groove spool…PE1.5 300m. For lighter fishing than standard spools. *sold separately

Spool Replacement Method

The palming cup can be easily removed by simply loosening the screw on the gearbox side, and the spool can be replaced.

Winding Power Inherited from Blue Heaven

Aluminum machine cut gear box & frame, gear adopts high module gear inherited from Blue Heaven. Strong hoisting power is achieved with excellent body rigidity and high module gear that does not distort even when drag load is applied. The transmission efficiency of the hoisting force has been improved by 9%* compared to the No. 300 class of other companies.

* Numericalize the handle input load and compare the spool rotation force at that time

2 Speed Level Winder

Uses an interlocking level winder. In addition, the level winder has been made 2-speed.
The 2-speed reciprocation of the level winder, which repeats dense winding and twill winding, allows you to fight with fish without worrying that the line will not bite even under high load.

Wide Spool

BS35 uses a wide spool.
By widening the spool, there is little change in the amount of winding due to water depth, enabling jig action as you imagine.

Heavy Duty Clutch

While other companies' clutch bars in the same class are made of plastic, the BS35's clutch bars and cams are made of stainless steel, boasting one class higher strength and durability.
In addition, DLC coating is applied to the clutch bar to reduce friction when contacting the pinion gear, and achieve smooth clutch operation that does not change even under high load or long-term use.

Carbon Drag Washer + Stainless Drag Disc

The combination of carbon drag washers and stainless steel drag discs provides smooth initial movement and stable drag force, demonstrating excellent drag performance that does not change even in long fights.

Waterproof Design of the Drag

The drag system, which consists of multiple drag washers, is covered with waterproof rubber.
It prevents water from entering the drag disc even in offshore conditions where it is constantly exposed to water, contributing to a stable drag.

New Concept Handle Design

The handle knob adopts AG41 assuming a fight with a big game. The handle arm is a variable system of 76mm and 63mm, designed to be counterbalanced at 76mm and fully balanced at 63mm.
The 76mm counterbalance makes it easy to operate jigs when jigging for blue objects, and it is perfectly balanced for hairtail jigging and tie rubber, making it possible to easily perform one-pitch and constant-speed winding. In this way, one handle can be set according to the target and fishing method.