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Studio Ocean Mark No Limits 19SW30000/18000 BM95-Left Handle (24)

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88mm arm/BM95 knob (30000-18000 class)

The handle knob shape ``BM95'' developed by tester Hiromu Sano is suitable for long fights with super large animals.
The super large bar-shaped knob makes it easy to apply force when pushing or pulling, making it easy to grip not only for reeling but also for jerking lures.
Also, no matter how well-trained your body is, your arm strength and grip strength will reach their limits after a few minutes of full-throttle fighting.
Reeling with different hands effectively disperses the muscle force used and strongly supports long fights.

Handle arm: 88mm
Weight: 110g
Handle knob: EVA BM95
Left Handle

----- Compatible models: -----
Stella SW30000-18000/13 Stella SW30000-18000

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