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Studio Ocean Mark OGM Ota Garage Blue Heaven L30V II Pw/R PSG-BD (22) Pw Model Right Handed Jigging Fishing Reel

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OGM Blue Heaven L30V II Pw/R PSG-BD (22) 4.9:1 (77cm) 7kg

PE2-700 (300)m/1.5-1000 (450) 

1.2-1200 (550)

380g Black Dark Silver


Ota-ku, Tokyo, where Studio Ocean Mark is based, is a manufacturing town that supports Japanese industry.
This Ota Garage model is a MADE IN JAPAN jigging reel created with craftsmen from Ota Ward, the town of manufacturing. Blue Heaven of "S2T = Slow Style Tunning" and "PSG = Power Slow Game"
has finally been completed to a satisfactory level after repeating prototypes and field tests many times . Equipped with Ota Garage quality and dedicated functions for throwing, this is a specialty model for anglers who master slow pitch jerk.

Lighter weight, higher sensitivity, higher strength

The idea of ​​Ota Garage is woven into the material and shape of each part, and the weight reduction, sensitivity improvement, and strength improvement are linked. As a result, the ability to transmit various fine information transmitted from the line from the spool to the handle knob without delay or attenuation. You can experience the highest level of sensitivity in Blue Heaven history.

64 titanium parts

The 64 titanium alloy used in the Ota garage model is a difficult-to-cut material and is very expensive, so it is not generally used for reels.
At OGM, by generously adopting this 64 titanium alloy for the handle shaft, spool shaft, and handle rivet, we have achieved overwhelming weight reduction, increased sensitivity, and increased strength.
The reel foot and handle bolt are also made of titanium.

blanking frame

The palming side of the frame, which has been strengthened by the new bridge shape, has been boldly cut. It is a design that tried several cuts that do not cause stress during fishing for slow pitch jerk, which often palms with bare hands.
The avant-garde frame design, which has resulted in a significant weight reduction, has the secondary effect of improving sensitivity, which is clearly different from its predecessor.

All carbon arm + carbon cap cork knob

The L80 uses domestically produced carbon material with a thickness of 6mm, and the L50/30 has changed from 24t to 36t carbon, and the sensitivity of the arm alone has increased by about 1.8 times compared to aluminum materials.
In addition, the handle knob uses cork, which is lighter and more sensitive than EVA.
Carbon & cork is the strongest combination as a handle system for slow pitch jerk.

stainless gear

The normal Blue Heaven has a drive gear made of high-strength brass due to its balance between durability and quietness, but OGM uses stainless steel with high material hardness for even higher sensitivity.

lead design

By changing the edge processing of the movable range of the drag lever, you can recognize the position where the finger that operates the lever is related, and you can check the position of the drag lever with no look.

G40 cork washer

A cork washer that normally has a large uneven surface is finished to a smooth surface by a special compression method.
In slow-pitch jerk, which is often used at 1-3kg, it reduces stick-slip at low tension, which was the weak point of cork washers. If you use high tension drag regularly, we recommend replacing the rubber cork washer of the same size.

AE cork knob

4A grade high-quality natural cork is used for the AE (AIR EGG) knob, which has become a benchmark design for slow-pitch jerk.
In addition, the front and rear caps are made of carbon material to enhance sensitivity.
AE100 is installed on the L80, AE85 on the S2T model of the L50, AE100 on the PSG model, and AE85 on the L30.

lever brake system

Jig fall speed control, a top angler's secret technique.
Expand the range of motion from the FREE position to the MIN position than the normal model. It is a cam setting that enables subtle brake control just before the MIN position where the drag washer and disc contact.

WPC+DLC processing

The surface of the spool shaft is treated with surface lubrication treatment to reduce friction, WPC (surface modification) + DLC (diamond-like carbon) treatment.
The texture of the lever operation has been improved along with the reliable spool slide.