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Studio Ocean Mark Ocean Plier OP165HP (23)

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SOM aimed to create strong pliers.
Although we developed track split rings, which have become indispensable when confronting large fish, there was no tool available to safely and easily install them.
This ocean pliers has a design that allows you to easily open the strongest track split ring, and also features a feature that allows you to attach it to the lure smoothly, creating a unique and strong ocean plier.

L-shaped nose

L-shaped nose that allows you to open a strong split ring with light force. Use the nose to push the ring open.

ring support

When the split ring is opened, the ring support supports the ring and contributes to the opening and closing of the ring performed by the L-shaped nose.

guide pin

After passing the ring through the eye of the lure, the guide pin opens the ring slightly, making it easy to attach the ring.

tungsten cutter

Uses a stainless steel cutter that can easily cut PE lines. It is designed so that it can be replaced even if the blade becomes dull or dull due to long-term use. It is also possible to change the cutter between the front and back sides.

Tungsten cutter (cross section)

When cutting line with conventional pliers, the line often gets caught at the bottom of the cutter. The ocean pliers have a slightly larger central disc section and are designed to prevent the line from getting caught in the gap between the cutter section and the body.

line hold rubber

The line hold rubber pinches the line, making it easier to tension the line and cutting the line more easily than conventional products.

grip plate

The edges are processed to prevent damage to the leader when tightening the FG knot or when tightening the half hitch with a snap.

asymmetrical body

An asymmetrical body is used so that the direction of the L-shaped nose is always visible. Even in dark hours before departure in the early morning, you can determine the direction of the L-shaped nose without checking your hand.

Full machine cut aluminum body

Everything from the tip of the body to the grip is machined from extremely thick aluminum plate. Furthermore, the holes and dents in the design utilize the wall structure, making it resistant to twisting and bending.

Curl cord attachment part (2023 model)

Starting with the 2023 model, we have added a hole for attaching a cord to prevent it from falling off. It is possible to install curl cord CC1400/800.