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Studio Ocean Mark Spare Spool for Blue Safari BS35/2-300B - Black Standard

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[Spare Spool]

Adopts a system that allows you to easily replace the spool with a single screw on the gear box side.

The following 3 types of spools are suitable for almost all offshore situations. Even on relay boats where the fishing items change in one trip, you can simply change the spool without having to change the reel.

1. Standard spool…PE No. 2 300m. Covers light jigging such as jigging for blue fish in nearby waters. (Black)

2. Deep groove spool…PE No. 2 600m. Deep groove design for mid-deep sea jigging. (Silver)

3. Shallow groove spool…PE1.5 300m. For lighter fishing than standard spools. (Gold)

[How to replace the spool]
The palming cup can be easily removed and the spool can be replaced by simply loosening the screw on the gear box side.

There is quite a detailed explanation about the details of the reel body, so please refer to the manufacturer's website.



SPARE SPOOL BS35 /1.5-300G

*Black is the standard specification for the reel body.