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STUDIO OCEAN MARK Z-Japan BLUE HEAVEN L30Hi/L-BB(20) Left Handle Jigging Reel

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BHL Z-Japan

Models only for overseas market, made in Nagano factory.

What is Z-Japan? 

Z is the initial alphabet of Japanese word "造 (zou)". 造 (zou) means, "shape", "design", "creation", "creativity", and so on.... We named the model with this meaningful "Z" and "Japan".


  • Made in Japan
  • Limited color / name plate
  • "L" shape drag lever
  • Lead design (gearbox / flame)
  • Asymmetric design (gearbox / flame)
  • 36t carbon handle arm (50=98mm / 30=90mm)


  • Nagano gear (C6782HP-Brass)
  • Rust-proofing for all bearings
  • Semi-shield ACBB
  • High-power oneway crutch 


  • Easy change spool
  • Easy change drag washer
  • Easy change bearing


 Product Gear Ratio Drag Power Line Capacity Weight Color
BHL30Hi L-BB 20 6.3:1 (99cm) 7 kg PE2-700m / PE1.5-1000m / PE1.2-1200m 410 g Blue Black