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Tana Jig Aiya Popper 200mm 110g Limited Color

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Aiya Popper is made by Hybrid Structure with balsa wood core being surrounded by thick high float resin layer for superior action and strength. The lure has a high buoyancy with quick recovery and floating posture and subsurface action with substantial bubble trail perfected over the long R&D period.

This is the third summer where we have improved the machine from the initial model through trial and error . The Aiya popper is finally completed. High buoyancy due to the resin and balsa hybrid structure, stable upright posture, and cup shape that makes it easy to chew bubbles, producing a beautiful splash on both short and long jerks. The unique shape of the casting posture also allows for a stable flight distance. Available in 3 sizes: 160 180 , and 200 to accommodate a wide variety of fish, from greens to tuna !