Uroco Chibi Short with Front and Rear Double Assist Hooks for Light Jigging - 30g

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Uroco - Chibi Short is the short model of the scale jig original with front and rear double assist hooks. The original features the unhurried fall action from a good quick dirt course of the water omission, but, if anything, the short is suitable for swimming. I hit it with a thud when I have you wind up a hard lump with one pace not to classify a fall into very much. The fall speed is earlier than an original and thinks that what have you use an original and short properly in difference in fall speed is good. Of course the fall of the short was attractive, and even a test showed an outstanding appeal power against Spanish mackerels. As a silhouette is compact, he/she depends on at the age of Small Bate. In addition, both sides edge of the tail part becomes the resistance and can let a jig easily face it for an image to brake from a tail aside.